Announcement: Dr. Doak Doolittle

Norton County Hospital adds general surgeon to specialty clinics

March 2022

Dr. Doak DoolittleNorton County Hospital would like to announce a new specialty clinic starting March 2022. Doak Doolittle, MD, is a general surgeon who will be seeing patients in Norton on a weekly basis, with the option to increase clinic and surgery hours as volumes dictate.

Dr. Doolittle will be performing a variety of surgeries, including endoscopy procedures, in Norton for the convenience of patients. He is the third physician to offer endoscopy procedures at Norton County Hospital, with the other two physicians being Josh Gaede, MD, and Kelly Gabel, DO.

Dr. Doolittle is also available for many other general surgeries, including but not limited to laparoscopic surgery, appendix and gall bladder removal, wound care and debridement, hernia repair, hand surgery, amputation and trauma repairs. His added presence will enable the hospital to take care of more emergent surgical cases, which were formerly transferred to other hospitals.

“We are excited to have Dr. Doolittle joining our team to help meet the evolving health care needs of our region,” said Brian Kirk, Norton County Hospital CEO. “In essence, he is joining our team as a solo, independent practice general surgeon who is regularly available to help cover general surgical needs for our community. We are confident this new relationship will bring positive value to everyone involved.”

Welcome, Dr. Doolittle! Please ask your primary care provider if you may need a referral for specialty care. Appointments with Dr. Doolittle may be scheduled through Norton County Hospital's Specialty Clinic.