News Release

Logan Clinic to continue with a provider two days per week

The new schedule will go into effect Sept. 11.

August 29, 2017

LOGAN, Kan. – Norton County Hospital and the City of Logan have decided on a new plan to continue Logan Clinic. Starting Sept. 11, the clinic will be staffed by a health care provider two days per week. However, the clinic will remain open each weekday with its regular hours and will have reception and nursing staff present.

Jennifer Taylor, physician assistant, resigned, and her last day with Norton County Hospital, Norton Medical Clinic and Logan Clinic will be Sept. 8. She has been the provider at Logan Clinic three days per week. As a result of her departure and no other medical staff available to take on those days, Logan Clinic will continue with a rotating doctor working on Mondays and Kristin Vogel, physician assistant, working on Thursdays. Efforts are currently underway by the City of Logan to find a permanent replacement for Jennifer Taylor, with the hopes of returning to full staffing when able.

Patients can call Logan Clinic to make appointments at 785-689-7464. More updates will continue to be provided as they become available.