News Release

More temporary medical providers to be welcomed to Norton

November 14, 2018

NORTON, Kan. – Patients in the Norton area can be assured that medical providers will continue to be available to see them at Norton Medical Clinic and Norton County Hospital in the future. After Nov. 16, 2018, remaining staffed medical providers at Norton Medical Clinic will include Glenda Maurer, MD; Jonna Inman, APRN; and Kristin Vogel, PA-C. Work has been done to secure “locum tenens” providers who will help with seeing patients in the clinic. These providers are working temporarily while the clinic is short-staffed, and they are familiar with rural health care in Kansas. Some of these providers will be available several days or weeks at a time for patient appointments. This will help more patients be seen when needed and lessen the risk of burnout among the medical staff.

Since August, physicians and their families have been living in Norton for periods of time to cover the Emergency department and help with patient care within the hospital. Many of these providers have goals to do mission work at hospitals around the world, but they have chosen to practice in Norton to not only experience and gain more skills in a rural environment but also to have a place to work while in the United States. Also, many are residents who have yet to select their first place of employment, which allows for a potential recruitment opportunity beyond their short-term coverage at the hospital or clinic.

According to Gina Frack, Norton County Hospital CEO, it’s important that patients help in the recruitment of more permanent medical providers for both Norton County Hospital and Norton Medical Clinic. Even if the visiting providers don’t return themselves in a more permanent role, they will potentially share their positive experience living and working in Norton with their peers and in a sense, they then can help recruit. The hospitality community members give these visiting providers and their families, particularly if they are staying for longer periods of time, can be the difference between making them feel like they are just here for a temporary job or that they are being brought into an appreciative community that makes Norton feel like home.

Recruitment efforts continue for permanent medical staff at Norton County Hospital and Norton Medical Clinic. The Board of Trustees, administration and staff thanks patients for their understanding during this transition period. Norton County Hospital will keep the public informed of physicians temporarily working for extended periods of time so they may be properly welcomed into the community and surrounding area.