Patient Portal

In 2023, Norton County Hospital converted to the Cerner Community Works electronic health record. Contact the hospital at 785-877-3351 or clinic at 785-877-3305 if you would like to enroll in the Cerner Health Patient Portal. Questions may be directed to Klare Bliss, Chief Information Officer.

With Patient Portal, you can view test results and recent medical records at the click of a button. Much like online banking, the Patient Portal allows you to view your visit summary securely anytime, day or night. When you have an inpatient stay or observation visit, hospital and clinic staff will explain the Patient Portal and ask if you would like to access your visit information online. If you do, we will assist you in setting up your access to the Patient Portal. Creating an account is easy and takes little time.

Examples of Information You Can Access

Once you log into the Patient Portal, you can review the following links:

Please note if you have any questions regarding the results, you will need to make an appointment with your medical provider to discuss. You can copy or download your Personal Health Record, including medical, social and family history, and immunizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure?

Yes, the website's security is monitored and maintained by our software vendors, using the latest technology.

Who else will be able to access my online medical record?

You will be the only person able to access your record, unless you share your email and password with someone else.

What advantages does the Patient Portal offer me?

It provides an easy way to review health information. If you go to a specialist, and he or she needs a history of reports, lab information, vital signs and medications, you will have access to this information immediately by going online.

Who can I ask if I have more questions?

Norton County Hospital/Norton Medical Clinic staff are here to help. Call the hospital at 785-877-3351 or clinic at 785-877-3305.

Helpful Links

Click here to access the secure online patient portal website.