Infusion and Wound Care

Norton County Hospital works to keep care close to home for its patients, by offering a wide variety of outpatient services under the care of our skilled RNs. To check in for infusion and wound care services, please park in the hospital's main lot adjacent to Highway 36, and look for the Outpatient and Specialty Clinic sign (entrance is west of Emergency).

Infusion and Wound Care Services

  1. Basic IV infusions such as antibiotics, hydrations, pain medications, and anti-nauseau medication
  2. Administering numerous specialty drugs, such as Remicaide, Ocrevus, Truxima, Actmera, Prolia, Evenity, Neulasta, and Cimzia
  3. Performing wound care, including wound vacs
  4. Outpatient procedures such as catheter changes, port flushes, and therapeutic phlebotomies
  5. Ultrasound Vascular Access for PICC lines, IV access, and lab draws

This list is in no way exhaustive of the services that can be performed. If you have a medication or service that is not listed, please simply call our team and ask how we can help!

Our Team

Jay is a 1994 graduate of Norton Community High School and recently moved back to the Norton community. He has 25 years of nursing experience, and he specializes in IV therapy. In years prior, Jay worked in Salina and Hays.

In addition to Jay, Travis Nykamp works in the Outpatient Clinic as a nurse. He joined NCH in 2014 and has worked as an RN at NCH since 2016. Prior to working in the infusion and wound care department, he worked in the Emergency department, on the Med-Surg hospital floor, in Cardiac Rehab and assisted with Nuclear Medicine procedures. He is able to provide ultrasound guided venous access for lab draws, IV catheter placement, and PICC line insertion and is also experienced in wound care and specialty medication administration.

Check-In and Contact Information

Jay and Travis may be reached directly at 785-874-2219. As of Sept. 19, 2022, outpatient wound care and infusion services are located in the lower level, west side of the hospital (former physical therapy location). Patients may still register at the Outpatient and Specialty Clinics entrance and take the elevator down to the new location.