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Welcome, Babies!

With written consent, Norton County Hospital is able to publicly welcome the newest additions born at our hospital.

April 2021

Emerson Land (boy)

Emerson Land

March 2021

Greyson Ludowese (boy)

Greyson Ludowese

Kimber Dole (girl)

Kimber Dole

Tavara Brill (girl)

Tavara Brill

February 2021

Xavier Chestnut (boy)

Xavier Chestnut

Mackenna Hager (girl)

Mackenna Hager

Gauge Paxton (boy)

Gauge Paxton

January 2021

Makenzie Hoskinson (girl)

Makenzie Hoskinson

December 2020

Davias Duvall (boy)

Davias Duvall

November 2020

Aria McMullen (girl)

Aria McMullen

Brandon Van Patten (boy)

Brandon Van Patten

Preston Kachel (boy)

Preston Kachel

Henry Grauerholz (boy)

Henry Grauerholz