Quality Improvement & Assurance

Norton County Hospital strives, on a continuous basis, to respond to the identified needs of the communities within our service area and to improve those processes and outcomes that support the delivery of high-quality patient care. The Quality Improvement program is to ensure a consistent focus on the delivery of optimal health care services and responsive customer services. As a part of the hospital and clinic's quality improvement activities, it is recognized that our activities extend beyond the confines of the organization and reach out through collaboration and shared efforts with other providers and health care services who assist in the delivery of the continuum of care for our communities.

The Quality Improvement program at Norton County Hospital and Norton Medical Clinic is a system that continuously monitors and evaluates health care delivery activities, professional practice and governance, and cultivates an organizational culture that supports the values of caring and sharing.

Hours and Contact Information

Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
(Hours may vary.)

For more information, contact:
Sara Smith, LPN
Phone: 785-877-3351
Fax: 785-877-2841
Email: saras@ntcohosp.com